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Erosion Control Specialist

Need erosion control for your lawn and landscape? Call Earth & Turf for a free quote in Zionsville, Whitestown, Carmel, Avon, Brownsburg, Lebanon and the Westfield Indiana area.

Erosion Prevention and Control

You can always tell when a professional serviced a yard, and when a homeowner took matters into their own hands. And nowhere is that distinction the most obvious than when it comes to yard erosion. Erosion control services are crucial to making sure nature won’t leave your home on anything but its foundation. But like with many services, there is an incorrect way to handle erosion. Inexperienced residents will likely struggle with barriers and walls. Sloppy contractors also waste your time. When you need the best service possible for your yard erosion concerns, you need Earth & Turf Partners, LLC. We protect you from wind, rain, and other hazards each time. Choose us for professional soil erosion control. Let us help you keep your lawn!

Soil Drainage Solutions

While there are several techniques available, our team specializes in two of them. We find French Drains and retaining walls to offer superior protection for more homes. No matter which erosion prevention system is right for you, we guarantee better installations and care. Don’t trust your home to just any service provider and choose the experienced team for your yard!

French Drains

As is the case with toast and fries, French Drains didn’t get named after Paris. However, what began as a farming technique quickly caught on for residential uses as well. French Drains create better irrigation flow. They are even more useful for homes that rely on water wells, septic tanks, gas lines, and other concerns. The drains require experience to handle correctly. Because of trench work, and the process may become complicated before long. When you need French Drains installed on your property, let us provide the best service possible. Call now for your best lawn drainage system!

Retaining Walls

If French Drains aren’t right for your yard, retaining walls indeed are. These versatile walls can take on nearly any shape and can get built with many different materials. From red brick walls to curving cement ones, garden walls and border edges, retaining walls do it all. Retaining walls are also among the most cost-effective ways to upgrade a lawn. Don’t lose your yard to sloping hills and uneven terrain. Protect your property from the elements with better retaining wall installations.

Which is Right?

Two of the top concerns for homeowners deciding between French Drains and retaining walls comes down to cost and function. While the more expensive method isn’t necessarily best, both types of systems offer protection. French Drains are efficient at keeping flooded areas, like ditches, to keep water moving. They depend on a series of piping that directs water away from your foundation, water well, septic tank, and other utilities. Retaining walls, on the other hand, are what you need for properties that hang over a ledge, contain sharp hills, or face driving wind or rain patterns. These walls reduce the impact of weather and protect the soil structure.

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