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Flowerbed Maintenance

Keeping your landscape looking its best can be a large and time consuming task. We know that when you're looking for a landscaper, you're trusting the first impression people have of your home or business to us. When Earth and Turf works with a new or existing client, our main goal is to ensure you are happy and build a long term professional relationship with you. Our landscaping, lawn maintenance and hardscaping services are among the most reliable in the area. Our staff will work quickly and efficiently to spruce up your landscape.

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When most people shop around for landscaping services, they often are only concerned with your grass, weeds, and tree branches. But what about finding professional flowerbed maintenance? Flowers are among the most fragile types of plants in your yard, and one wrong move can cause lasting damages. Can you trust your flowerbeds to just anyone? Part of remaining the top name in Zionsville, IN, landscaping services is ensuring that your flowers continue to blossom. When your plants need a caring professional, Earth & Turf Partners, LLC, is there for you.

We provide everything that your flower beds needs, from preventing weed growth to keeping up with their nutritional requirements. We can make all your plants look and feel their best for longer each time! Call now to schedule your best flowerbed maintenance team. When you need professionally manicured plants at affordable pricing, you won’t find anyone better than us!

Flowerbed Maintenance Services

Our team gives your plants the care and attention that they need. We rely on a three-step process that continues promoting better flower growth. When you hire us, our technicians give your flower beds better yard care. We will pull weeds, install mulch, and even trim bushes that are preventing your flowers from reaching their full potential. Other companies will only take shortcuts. Their haste and carelessness will likely result in drooping, dying plants. Instead, we have the experience you can rely on for the best results each visit. If you’re tired of your flowers becoming ignored, call today and see the difference for yourself!

Pulling Weeds Vs. Spraying

Most landscaping companies merely spray weeds with harsh chemicals. These sprays splatter the plants you do wish to keep, harming them in the process. Toxic chemicals also seep into the soil, poisoning your groundwater. Over time, prolonged use may even pose a threat to your family! Pulling weeds takes a long time, and most service providers can’t spend the additional effort. Instead, they just try to power through as many yards as they can on the same day. We give your flower beds the attention that they need. By manually pulling weeds by hand, we know that they remain safe. Our company believes that your yard deserves the additional time and attention to detail. And if you agree, just call and schedule us for your home!

Mulch Installation

Using mulching around flowers helps prevent weeds from springing up around it. The dense wood chips are too much for weeds to lift, and they die out before becoming a problem. Mulching also comes in a few different colors, helping you accessorize your yards. And because we create our mulching in bulk, you’re receiving better mulch that will continue fertilizing flowers for longer!

Bush Trimming

Flowers and bushes frequently share the same beds. However, the taller, thicker bushes may block out the sun before it reaches your flowers. By trimming problem areas, we can ensure both plants receive the natural light that they need to grow. Call today for your best flower bed maintenance!

For the best flower bed maintenance services in the Zionsville, Whitestown, Carmel, Avon, Brownsburg, Lebanon and Westfield Indiana area call Earth and Turf at 317-733-6499.

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