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Patio Design & Construction

Looking to improve your outdoor living area with a patio or other outdoor living space? Give Earth & Turf a call and request a free quote and design consultation. We provide professional patio construction services in Zionsville, Whitestown, Carmel, Avon, Brownsburg, Lebanon and Westfield Indiana area.

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Many homeowners run into the issue of having more yard than they do useable space. Some homes open right onto the grass! As a result, searching for a patio builder is the next logical step. But how can you know that you’re not spending too much on patio construction? When you need quality patio installation at affordable rates, you can save a ton by choosing Earth & Turf Partners, LLC. We don’t just care for your backyard, but we even help you upgrade it!

Patios are the best choice for empty yard spaces because of their versatility. Whether you need a walking space, are planning a swimming pool installation, or need outdoor cooking areas, a patio can solve all your needs! Call today for a quote on your new patio areas. You can transform any yard for less!

Patio Design Services

Our installers can help you create the perfect outdoor living areas. Whether you prefer to install brick paver patio decks or concrete spaces, we are here for you! Both patios are affordable and are a cost-effective way to utilize empty areas. In fact, for some homes, this alternative is cheaper than installing grass! Most find brick pavers to give your outdoor areas an artisanal or rustic look, whereas a concrete patio creates an even decking for BBQ grills, fire pits, and lounge chairs. No matter what your tastes and needs may be, we have a patio space for you! Call to schedule your quote today!

Why Pay for Patios?

Some homeowners feel like they can’t benefit from a new patio. They’re worried about paying for something that they won’t use. However, patios are more than just paved outdoor areas. They offer many more benefits and are a cost-effective home upgrade. Both concrete and pavers can adapt to any shape or space. Even if your home is on an irregular lot, they don’t have to adhere to a straight strip or block shape.

Patios help reduce the amount of dirt that gets into your home. It helps reduce how much debris sticks to your shoes, and it helps keep dust down on days you have the windows open. Your new patio may even help keep bugs away. Poured patios can hassle insects because they have to travel further and burrow deeper to get to livable areas in the soil. Finally, many patios have the durability to last a lifetime. Although surface cracks are common, particularly with concrete, you shouldn’t run into any expensive fixes.

Hire Us

Brick paver and poured concrete patios are experiencing a surge of renewed interest. Homeowners today know that while wood decks look nice, they require much more care and attention than the installations we offer.

Before you hire an expensive construction contractor, you can save more with Earth & Turf Partners, LLC. We provide a quality patio space at lower cost on every job! Call today for a quote on your new outdoor living space. We guarantee that you’ll love your new patio areas!

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