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Retaining Wall Installation

For professional retaining wall installation services in the Zionsville, Whitestown, Carmel, Avon, Brownsburg, Lebanon and Westfield Indiana area call Earth & Turf. We have been the leading landscape company in the area since 2006.

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Many assume that their home’s yards are a flat, even surface. But the majority of residential yards install at some degree of slant for water runoffs. However, that also means that your yard likely has areas where rainwater, irrigation, and garden hoses pool rather than drain away. And when that happens, it’ll drown grass, flowers, and plants in that area. The best way to combat flooded yard spaces is with retaining wall installation. However, if you hire a dedicated retaining wall builder or another construction contractor, you may spend too much!

Instead, the team at Earth & Turf Partners, LLC, offers fast and affordable retaining wall construction. In addition to our best landscaping services, we also provide hardscape installations as well! Call today to find out more about how we can assist your yard. You’ll love how your new walls look and operate!

Why Retaining Walls?

Some homeowners think that retaining walls are an unnecessary expense. But they offer many benefits for any yard type. Retaining walls prevent soil erosion by giving loose dirt something to grip. Usually, this deterioration happens from pooling water, where dirt gets loosened, and the soil no longer has any structure. If you struggle with getting plants to grow in particular areas of your yard, retaining walls can make it possible for them to thrive. When used in conjunction with gravel, mulching, or stones, you won’t have to worry about flooded grass again!

When you hire us for your installation, it can help create separate garden or planting areas. If you’re trying to build different themes, styles, or need to keep some plants separated, we have solutions for you! If walls are built up tall enough, retaining walls can also offer increased privacy. These taller installations are useful around swimming pools, outdoor showers, and near bedroom windows. Whatever the reason for your job, we’re the best service each time. Call today to schedule us for your next project! 

What Materials Are Used?

Retaining walls can get built using a variety of different materials. But we find pavers, concrete, and other larger stone bricks to work best. Some companies offer wooden styles. However, because they keep moisture and soil back, they don’t last very long at all! Brick style walls, however, are durable and will last many years. Brick and pavers can also get used in areas that curve, or even in odd-shaped outdoor spaces.

Choose the Experts

While retaining walls may seem like a fun Do It Yourself project for the weekend, it’s not as simple as it looks. In fact, by the time you get the materials yourself, you’ll likely run over budget. Instead, you could save more on your next retaining wall project by choosing the installation team of Earth & Turf Partners, LLC. We’ve assisted more Zionsville homeowners in creating their perfect yards since 2006!

 Whether you’re planning on creating an outdoor living room, or just have issues with your plants, we are here for you. Call today for best retaining wall installations!

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