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Core Aeration For Your Lawn

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Many homeowners wake up one morning- to see their lawn, which was seemingly vibrant last night, is now drooping, brown, and dying out. And while your first instinct is likely a late-night pest invasion, it may be a simpler solution. Over time, grass weaves together above and below the surface of the dirt. While your yard may appear full and healthy, it may accidentally be choking itself out! As a result, the grass leaves and roots make the soil compacted, where nothing is strong enough to push through. Not even air can make its way through the tangled mess, causing your yard to suffocate slowly! Before you lose your grass to it growing just a little too well, Earth & Turf Partners, LLC, recommends our core aeration service. Core aeration relies on a specific tool that safely punctures the compacted soil, allowing water and air to flow once more. Don’t waste time and money on toxic chemicals advertised to bring your grass back to life. Instead, hire the expert landscaping solutions that more area households trust!

What is Core Aeration?

Core aeration is a simple process where our technicians insert a device into the soil. When they pull it back out, it removes a cork-sized chunk of compacted ground. Once removed, air, water, light, and other necessary nutrients rush back into the ground. It’s a lot like when a traffic jam finally begins to move again! Results are not often instantaneous. However, once completed, your grass will continue to grow with renewed health. Because grass is relatively hardy, it’s easy to forget that they need something as prevalent as fresh air. That is especially true considering where it grows! Just like walking in an overly crowded room makes it hard to breathe, your grass blades experience the same problem. When your yard requires better care, you can always depend on our team!

Can I Do This Myself?

While using a standard yard aerator tool is a simple solution, core aeration is necessary for extreme cases of compacted soil. Unfortunately, discovering early signs of soil problems isn’t always clear. By the time you have noticed that something is wrong, it may be too late to use standard Do It Yourself methods. Because time is of the essence, it’s recommended to call us instead. Core aeration can prove tiring, and if you’re not sure how to do it, you may wind up hurting your yard more than helping. But when you hire us, we know the correct way to aerate your yard without harm! Since 2006, we’ve assisted more area homes in experiencing their best yards possible. When you need the best mix of experience and value, you won’t find anyone better than our team!

If you’re tired of living with brown, unattractive grass or know that your yard requires an expert’s touch, then you need Earth & Turf Partners, LLC, helping you! Call today for your best core aeration services and experience the difference.

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