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Fertilization & Weed Control Services

For lawn fertilization and weed control services in Zionsville, Whitestown, Carmel, Avon, Brownsburg, Lebanon, and the Westfield area you can count on Earth & Turf. We make it easy to request a free quote when you call 317-733-6499.

Lawn fertilizaton and weed control company

Do you want the thickest lawn possible? Have you gone to the garden store and been overwhelmed by the variety and types of fertilizer available? Earth and Turf in Zionsville can help you make smart choices for your lawn so it can flourish.

Fertilizer is not plant food even though that's often stated on the packaging. Fertilizers are concentrations of elements which, when added to the soil or water, are then available for plants to use and make their own food. When to fertilize, with what and how are common questions. It is important to look at the overall scheme of things in order to make the proper decisions on these questions. Earth and Turf will assess your property and make a plan for fertilizing your lawn depending on its individual needs.

Proper fertilization is important to ensure the beauty and health of your lawn. We protect your investment by employing trained professionals to take care of your property and at some of the most competitive prices, you are bound to be thrilled as a result of contracting Earth and Turf! Contact us today.

Our lawn fertilization and weed control services include but are not limited:

  • Fungicide
  • Difficult Turf Areas
  • Residential
  • Sports Fields

Our 5-round Fertilization Program:

Early Spring #1:  Fertilizer with weed pre-emergent

Round 1 includes a granular fertilizer for early green up and a pre-emergent for early control of crabgrass

Late Spring #2:  Fertilizer with pre-emergent plus weed control

Round 2 includes a granular fertilizer with pre-emergent and a blanket application of liquid for weed control of dandelions and other broadleaves

Summer #3:  Fertilizer with grub control and insecticide

Round 3 includes a balanced slow-release granular fertilizer with an optional grub control that is highly effective on white grubs

Fall #4:  Fertilizer plus weed control

Round 4 includes a heavy rate of granular fertilizer plus a blanket application of liquid for broadleaf weed control

Late Fall #5:  Winterized Fertilizer

Round 5 includes a heavy rate of slow-release fertilizer to promote root growth in the winter and early green-up in the spring

Ready for the weed free and thick green lawn you have always dreamed of give Earth & Turf a call today at 317-733-6499 or request a quote online.

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