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Lawn Mowing Services

Need lawn mowing services for your home or business in the Zionsville, Whitestown, Carmel, Avon, Brownsburg, Lebanon, or the Westfield Indiana area? Earth and Turf makes getting a quote and scheduling your service easy.

Lawn mowing company

Some homeowners feel silly hiring someone for their lawn mowing needs. However, this simple chore is one of the most critical aspects of your overall lawn care. Grass cutting isn’t just about keeping your yard under control and looking nice. Overgrown grass attracts bugs, animals, and other uninvited guests, as well as promotes weed growth.

That is why, even though you likely own a lawnmower, it’s recommended to hire one service for all your landscaping needs. And when you need affordable pricing and the best quality of service, more people in the area turn to the same provider. Earth & Turf Partners, LLC, is your local landscaping experts. We can save you more time, money, and frustration with a variety of yard care service options. Whether you need a weekly lawn mowing or bi-weekly lawn mowing services, our team is here for you. Call now to learn more about our expert landscaping services!

Better Grass Growth

The average person doesn’t realize that there is a wrong way to mow their yard. That can surprise many, who feel it’s just another tedious yard task. Most people feel that to make it easier for themselves next time, they need to cut their yard down to a nub. But what they don’t realize is that is a great way to destroy their lawn! When grass is cut too low to the ground, it puts a ton of strain on the turf. As a result, cutting it too low can result in significant patches of brown, damaged grass. The long blades of grass that you see are more closely related to leaves. As such, they’re mainly responsible for the grass’ nutrition. Chopping it too low or too frequently will damage the overall plant, leading to it shriveling up. Instead, leaving your yard to the professionals will ultimately lead to longer-living lawns.

Go Beyond Mowing

Hiring an experienced landscaping service is also the best way to prevent major problems from developing. Our landscapers have a keen eye for detail, and as soon as they see early warning signs, we can begin offering solutions. Although grass seemingly grows anywhere, it needs the right balance of soil acidity, nutrition, oxygen, and water, just like any other plant. Sometimes this means introducing specialty fertilizers, some of which aren’t available in stores to people that don't have a license.

When you hire us for your yard care needs, we give you the best service possible each time. When other companies offer lawn mowing as an afterthought, we provide your grass the best care that we can. Don’t pay for someone to harm your yard by just going through the motions every week. Instead, call our team and give your home the best lawn care around!

Grass mowing doesn’t need to be complicated. Contact us to know more about how we can help you! When your yard deserves the best service and care, you need Earth & Turf Partners, LLC, for your home. Call us today to learn more about how we can take care of your yard for less!

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