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Bulk Landscape Mulch

For bulk landscape mulch and delivery in the Zionsville, IN area you can count on the team at Earth & Turf to have the mulch you need at an affordable price.

Zionsville, IN Bulk Mulch Pickup

Many homeowners search for the perfect landscaping accessory to help promote healthy growth. However, the solution that they seek often gets answered with just one organic product. What if you discovered an all-natural product that could help reduce weed growth, provide pest control, and looked attractive, all without the use of chemicals? The description probably sounds too good to be true. However, when you purchase and use bulk mulch in your yard, that is what happens! Unfortunately, too many retailers offer landscape mulch for sale that costs more than some of the trees that they have in stock!

Instead, you can always find affordable mulch sold in bulk at Earth & Turf Partners, LLC! Since 2006, we’ve been creating and selling organic mulching solutions for more Zionsville, IN, homeowners. If expensive and toxic chemical solutions aren’t achieving the results you need, then you may want to take a different approach. Shop with us today to find the best selection of all-natural mulching!

Bulk Landscape Mulch

Some homeowners avoid mulching because they believe that it won’t appear how they prefer. However, we sell bulk mulching in many different colors. No matter what type of yard or plants you have, we provide mulch in the colors you need. Buy from our team, and can give you the best in:

  • Red Mulch
  • Black Mulching
  • Brown Bulk Mulch
  • Natural “Wood” Appearance
  • Bark Mulching
  • And more options to choose!

Whether you need your mulching to take a back seat, or you plan on using its color to your advantage, we create and sell attractive options each time. Best of all, mulch installs fast, and it looks great! When you buy bags at the store, there’s no way of knowing how long it’s sat on the shelf. It may already have gotten too moist and is growing mold! Instead, we sell fresh, organic mulch in bulk daily, helping your yard look great for less. Stop by today for your mulching supplies!

Why Mulching?

Although mulch chips are lightweight, together they keep weeds from springing up and choking out your plants. Weeds are not powerful enough to press past the weight of the denser wood mulch. The installed mulching also helps prevent sunlight and water from giving weeds the nutrition that they need. The thicker stalks, petals, and leaves, however, are well above the mulch, getting everything that they need while their roots remain protected. Similarly, mulching helps prevent bugs the same way. For instance, when placed on ant hills, it may be enough to disrupt the hive, forcing them to leave for someone else’s yard. Not only does mulch promote better growing habits, but it reduces the need for harmful chemicals. When you need an all-natural solution to your yard, you can’t go wrong with our mulch products!

Choose Us

Before you spend too much on prepackaged mulch that doesn’t work, stop by Earth & Turf Partners, LLC, for the best in local organic mulching solutions. We guarantee that you’ll find bulk mulch that you’ll love each time. A thick layer of mulch not only looks nice, it’s your best, most natural defense in keeping soil cool, water in, and weeds out. It keeps your soil healthy! When it comes to moisture, even a thin layer of mulch will prevent evaporation and a thick layer may even reduce water use by up to 50%, a valuable proposition in the heat of summer.

Natural Mulches

Natural Mulches provide these benefits: 

It allows moisture from rain and sprinkler systems to get to the soil below, while helping to prevent water loss due to evaporation during dry weather. Additionally, mulch deters weed growth and benefits the plant root systems by helping to maintain a moderate soil temperature.

Hardwood mulch will naturally generate heat due to the microorganisms inside the mulch. If your mulch is either hot to the touch or has a distinct smell, you must let it air out and cool down. DO NOT PLACE MULCH DIRECTLY AGAINST FOILAGE, ANNUAL OR PERENNIAL PLANTS. Thoroughly water mulch immediately after application.

ET Economy Mulch - $21.00/yd.

A Cost-Effective Alternative! ET Economy Mulch begins as tree chips that are aged and then slowly processed to a small 1 inch chip, medium dark brown in color. This mulch is less expensive, good for dog kennels, walking paths or large planting areas.

ET Hardwood Mulch - $27.00/yd.

Rich dark brown in color and double-shredded to approximately one to two inches in size. This mulch decomposes slowly over time to make an excellent soil amendment. This product should be applied 3” to 4” in depth.

ET Hardwood Fines - $28.00/yd.

Hardwood Fines are screened from Hardwood mulch and is our finest grade of mulch with an extremely fine texture and medium brown color. This mulch will decompose the quickest. Therefore, it makes for a great soil amendment in soil mixes and for mulching in a new area that needs some quick nutrients added to the soil. This product works very well for small plants and should be applied 3” to 4” in depth.

Dyed Mulches

Like regular bark mulch, ET Dyed Mulches provide these benefits: It allows moisture from rain and sprinkler systems to get to the soil below, while helping to prevent water loss due to evaporation during dry weather. Additionally, mulch deters weed growth and benefits the plant root systems by helping to maintain a moderate soil temperature. Unlike regular bark mulch, ET Dyed Mulch retains its color for one full season.

ET Brown Dyed Mulch - $33.00/yd.

A beautiful, finely ground, color-enhanced mulch, made from reclaimed wood and one of the best colored mulch available. ET Brown Dyed Mulch is long-lasting and allows beautiful color coordination of the landscape with the home. Helps to prevent weeds, retains moisture and keeps soil cooler for healthier plants.

ET Black Dyed Mulch - $33.00/yd.

Is very similar to our ET Brown Dyed Mulch but is dyed a beautiful jet black color.

NOTE: Due to the process in adding dye to mulch products, colored mulch need a chance to dry in the mulch bed, before they are color fast. Please allow at least 24 hours of dry, sunny weather to ensure the dye is completely dry. Also, please do not store dyed mulch on concrete surfaces as it can stain the concrete. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

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