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For the best selection of bulk stone, sand and gravel in the Zionsville, Whitestown, Carmel, Avon, Brownsburg, Lebanon, and Westfield Indiana call Earth & Turf at 317-733-6499. We offer affordable pricing and delivery services are available.

Zionsville, IN Stone, Sand and Gravel

We all know that yards are full of grass and plants. But they certainly aren’t the only things there! In fact, most homes depend on landscape stones, sand, and landscape gravel to complete the overall appearance and style. Rocks and sand also help prevent erosion and promote better water retention. Unfortunately, gravel and rock companies may charge a fortune to deliver even small quantities of rock. Trying to piece a few bags together at a retail center is also an inconvenient choice.

When you need reliable and affordable stone and sand solutions for your home, just shop at Earth & Turf Partners, LLC. In addition to providing professional landscaping services, we also assist more homeowners in achieving the perfect yard. If you aren’t buying your rock, sand, and gravel from us, then you’re paying too much. Discover why more area homeowners choose us for their landscaping products!


Stone plays an essential role in any yard. Whether you’re looking for rocks that act as decorations or to help keep weeds away, there are many different stones to purchase. Some types of rocks work best in certain kinds of yards, while others are just creating a beautiful appearance. When you choose us for your landscaping solutions, we’ll have them all ready to buy! Whether you prefer the smooth appearance of river rock or need a collection of different shapes and colors, we are here for you. 


Because sand is coarser than dirt, it helps when you have an unusually wet patch of grass. Or, if you intend on designing an outdoor play space for children, sand is among the safest soil products. Sand is frequently used in decorative capacities, although it’s recommended to avoid adding it to flower beds and where plants are. Sand can strip a plant of its nutrients, especially moisture. However, If you plan on having pavers or stepping stones installed, sand is the first layer you should buy. The stones set into the sand without the use of cement or adhesives, creating a clean, natural appearance each time.


Gravel is one of the most versatile products you can buy for your yard. Drought-resistant plants look great with gravel on top, and it’s an excellent substitution for driveways or even grass. Smaller than stone, gravel creates traction for vehicle tires and can prevent certain species of pests from moving in. However, they are still small enough that weeds can push through them, unlike with mulch or denser materials. Gravel is also relatively cheap, and it comes in a variety of different colors. Because of that, many homeowners prefer to purchase it over other yard product types for its added customizability.

For the best selection of affordable yard stone, sand, and gravel, just choose Earth & Turf Partners, LLC, for all your landscaping products. And if you’re confused about which type of product is right for your home, our landscaping professionals are happy to answer all your questions!

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