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Zionsville, IN Topsoil and Compost

When the average person walks to their yard, they often just see dirt. However, there’s an entire ecosystem occurring just under their feet! There are several different layers of soil, all providing a different type of structure. As a result, what happens on the surface may not always reflect the entire picture. For the best in complete plant and yard health, it helps to supplement your soil with natural products. The two most common are topsoil and compost.

Each is different and play a part in certain situations. But for the best selection of topsoil and compost, you can always depend on Earth & Turf Partners, LLC! Rather than the same prepackaged products that don’t work, you will only find fresh bulk material that’s never previously bagged! Fresh, organic, and highly efficient, you won’t find better nutritional components for your yard anywhere else. Choose us to give your grass and plants the best products around.

What’s the Difference?

Unfortunately, some people use topsoil and compost interchangeably, even though they are two separate things. Topsoil is a collection of ingredients usually found in the wild, while compost has undergone some level of decomposition. Topsoil is comprised mostly of minerals, rocks, and organic components that gives the soil something for the plant roots to grip. Compost, on the other hand, works as a natural fertilizer that continually feeds plants necessary chemicals. Compost is rich in nitrogen, one of the core chemicals that plants need to grow strong. Without it, plants become malnourished and can’t support themselves against nature.

Topsoil is needed if your initial layer of dirt is thin or lacking in nutrition. Compost may be able to strengthen soil by incorporating a ton of nutrients into the surrounding area. Both products have their place in your yard’s soil, and we don’t recommend one or the other. If you aren’t sure which type of yard product that you should buy, feel free to ask our landscaping experts!

Do I Need Topsoil?

Many years ago, topsoil was readily prevalent. But over time, nature and construction make it next to impossible to find natural topsoil in your area. Even with fresh sod or grass seeding, you may still need topsoil and composting. In fact, it’s recommended to install at least new topsoil in the spring to recharge your yard. If you have areas where the top layer of the surface has worn away, or plants are visibly leaning to one side, you should lay down some topsoil. Another reason to purchase topsoil is if plants or grass is receiving too much water. The soil around these plants aren’t absorbing enough liquid, and the flowers are drowning in the process! Compost, on the other hand, works like vitamins for plants and grass. If your yard is drooping or has discolored plants, you may need compost!

Stop by our shop today for great deals on affordable organic topsoil and composting or give us a call for delivery. No one cares more about your dirt than Earth & Turf Partners, LLC!

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