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Ice Melt & Salting Service

For ice melt and salting services in Zionsville, Whitestown, Carmel, Avon, Brownsburg, Lebanon and the Westfield area you can count on Earth & Turf. We are locally owned and operated and respond to snow and icing conditions quickly.

Ice Treatment

As a local Zionsville, IN, business owner, you know that nature is unpredictable. And when it comes to winter weather, you just never know how you’re going to fare. One thing that you can guarantee is that eventually, ice is going to create a hazard to employees and potential customers. How can you fight back against freezing wet winter weather? When you’re looking for the best in local ice melt services, Earth & Turf Partners, LLC, does it all. We ensure more companies remain safer through cold weather seasons, protecting what matters most. Don’t let slippery roads and sidewalks harm your customers. Instead, hire us for your ice salting and prevention needs!

What Is Ice Melt?

Ice melt has long been used to keep roads safer during the winter months. In addition to clearing icy roads quickly, it also acts as an ice prevention method. Rather than rely on rock salt, ice melt is a specialized compound created to force ice to change back to water faster. That happens by chemically reducing the freezing point of the snow that touches it. Rock salt is effective at combating snow. However, it operates much more slowly, and the wind temperature and moisture makes it ineffective. Using rock salt is a wise choice for home use, and its affordability alone makes it worthwhile. But when you need your customers and employees to remain safe, it doesn’t work fast enough. Choose us for your ice melt service needs. We offer faster ice removal at affordable rates!

How Does It Work?

Our team removes as much ice and snow as we can from the coated areas before applying our ice melt formula. This commercial-grade component forces ice to melt faster than it would with salt alone. The melting compound gets distributed from a handheld broadcaster, or through an attachment on our truck for broader roads and paths. In a matter of minutes, the remaining snow and ice turn to water and runs off! If not done correctly, it could eat away at the paint of any car driving through. That is why professional ice melt service should only occur from an experienced team.

We remain the trusted choice in local ice removal services. Since 2006, we’ve kept our community safer from snow piles, black ice, and other winter hazards. Call us for experience ice melt service. We’re passionate about keeping people safer on the roads!

Ice Prevention

One of the best ways to prevent ice and snow buildups is preventions methods. While there are a few products available, we find only a few get the job done. Liquid deicing agents prove useful once the first batch of ice problems get cleared away. These gels keep the moisture on the road from freezing, preventing sheets of black ice. Our ice melt compounds also work as a preventative agent. Once snow builds, it becomes like salt water, keeping the freezing point lower.

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